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Our classes are designed for all levels of firearm training - whether you are new to firearms, have limited experience, or are a highly-skilled shooter, we have the right courses for you. From our most basic handgun class to our advanced classes for elite shooters, our training and courses will give you the knowledge, confidence and skills needed to safely handle and operate a firearm. No matter your level of experience or course you attend, you can be assured you will leave our range feeling positive about your experience, confident in the new skills you have acquired, and you will want to come back for more!

The Israeli Tactical Academy was established in 2010 by former Israeli Special Forces soldier and certified instructor Hezi Sheli. Drawing on from his many years of experience, Hezi's curriculum and instruction focus on safety and technique in a dynamic manner replicating real-life scenarios. Israeli Tactical Academy is the most genuine Shooting Academy in Los Angeles and Ventura County, CA, specializing in all major aspects of Israeli firearm self-defense training and protection. We offer high-level, first-class Israeli tactical shooting training as well as home invasion security training and anti-terror firing training and exercises.


Our mission is to teach our students how to safely defend themselves in the most effective way possible using a firearm, in any situation.


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NRA Instructor Matthew Schlueter
Concealed Carry Handgun Permits Hit New Record of an impressive 16.3 million law-abiding citizens!

• There are now over 16.3 million permit holders, a record 1.83 million increase in permits since last July.
• Nationwide, 6.5% adults have a concealed handgun permit. Outside California & New York, 8% of adults
have a permit.
• Permits for women and blacks are increasing much faster than they are for men and whites.
• There are also significant differences in not only the number of permits issued but also who gets them
when politicians have discretion in granting them.
• Los Angeles County provides a vivid example of how women and Hispanics are given few permits when
politicians decided who can defend themselves.
• Concealed carry permit holders also continue to be stringently law-abiding.

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Shooting starts on 6:00, watch and learn how things can go south really fast..** (Disclaimer: This video content is intended for educational and informational purposes only) ** Newly released body cam footage shows the moments leading ... ... See MoreSee Less

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Israeli Tactical Academy

We are the most genuine Israeli Shooting Academy in Los Angeles and Ventura County, CA, specializing in all major aspects of Israeli Hand-to-Hand combat system.

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